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AutoCAD Drawing Aids

Reinventing drawing methods would have been a difficult way to develop CAD sixty years ago, when the process first began. The digital transition is the most significant cause of confusion and anxiety for newcomers.

It is an overall principle that drawing on regular paper can be done for 2D, just like sculpture or similar for 3D.


We require the grid to draw. This CAD setting is not available in the initial versions.

Orthogonal Drawing Mode

This drawing mode is used to aid in drawing. It helps you to draw only vertical and horizontal lines. This helps ensure that the drawing you make is aligned. It is possible to verify the straightness of your drawing without having to zoom in.

Polar Tracking

Polar tracking is the use of polar coordinate templates while creating lines. This mode is the most sophisticated orthogonal mode. It broadens the scope of the mode to an even greater extent. There are two choices for moving forward after you turn on Polar tracking. You can choose the polar angle prior to you start drawing or draw horizontal or vertical lines, and the lines will change according to the angle.


The drawing tools and tools in AutoCad are designed to enable the revit to simulate the most popular and advanced drawing methods. Because of the virtual nature of AutoCAD, certain tools and aids are available with greater flexibility than those that were used for paper-based drawings. These are only a few of the many features and tools that could be utilized to make CADing easier. These are the fundamental functions of AutoCAD. Continue to practice and look for new capabilities in AutoCAD.